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UK Trip 2021 to 2022

Well I have been back about a month, so I had better blast some random pictures up.

After arriving and getting a negative PCR result, I did a few strolls about to get the lie of the land:

Then I had a bloody positive LFT so had to spend 10 days upstairs in the bedroom or in the garden. These aren't such thrilling images:

And then 10 days later I am out. Yippeee!! Need to do stuff at twice the speed now!!!

And of course a minor highlight was doing the Rose & Woodbine pub quiz pissed and winning it. Beer-inspired knowledge I think. 4 quid in, 22 quid, and a crap shot each, out. We called it a beer each profit on the night.

I think that is most of the undocumented events summarised.

Below is my daily walking data, see if you can spot when I was in isolation.

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