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Time lapse photography fun

I decided to get up super early and try to watch the sun come up onto the mountain side. This is the first morning I have tried it, and just being up there at 4:30 am is pretty great, it is SO QUIET!

Anyway, first I did a test run of the car park as the sun was actually coming up (see if you can spot Scampi, the kitten from last year who is now all groomed up) while I was gettimg coffee ready.

I then headed up the hill to try and get an actual mountain sunrise video. It seems to very much depend on whether the mountains themselves are obscured by clouds, or if cloud to the east is preventing the sun hitting the mountains. Anyway I got reasonably lucky today I reckon.

Depending on the weather I think I might venture up a few more mornings, and try different spots to see if I can get anything truly spectacular. Anyway, watch this space over the next few days (or weeks).

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