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The Dark Side of 大日向

It rained all day, and about dusk a strange murky fog crept up the valley and rolled in from behind. Most mysterious and perplexing. Steve and myself set out to investigate. These pictures of the evil forest and its environs are very scary and should not be viewed by the faint hearted.

We left it pretty late for our venure into the undergrowth, so it started getting dark while we were up there, making it tricky to loop back along the small ridge to the temple at the back of the house (plan A).

We thought that was the small shrine near the temple up ahead, beyond this small ridge.

But it wasn't, and we ended up veering off to the left and coming back down at the back of the old lady's house (Plan B). This is the scourge hovering over the valley, LIKE DEATH!!! HA HA HARRRRR!!!!

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