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Shimoda Chill out and Ito Cap'n Birds Eye Impersonation

Yeah, well the visit to see Clan Wilkinson and chill out went pretty well. The beach was cracking as ever, but decided against a Swim, although it probably would have been warm enough, even in late October.

And we were shown a part of Shimoda, the old port area I think, that I had never seen before. Lots of history here as this is where the opening up of Japan started in the 1850s. We also did a great lunch down in the harbour after a cracking stroll. I need to get back down and explore the place at night. Already some tip top recommendations from Dave and Joanne.

Then it all falls apart. The next afternoon was up to Ito, for a fishing trip the next day. Well the night out in Ito was good, super lovely evening, and cracking views, a few beers etc.

Then the fishing trip!!! Do NOT be fooled by the apparent jolliness or healthy complexion of this frankly dodgy individual. He was seasick as anything! Still kept fishing from the small boat, but made innovative use of a revolutionary new ground-baiting method that may well be in violation of most environmental ocean dumping treaties.

Very limited success on the Bear Grylls front. A few very pretty and colourful, but uselessly small, critters, and too many nice sized fugu that we lack the knowledge to risk eating, so they were given to the boat owner. I was happy to get back on terra firma I can tell you.

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