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Record Breaking Snowfalls in Minakami

There has been an absolutely phenomenal amount of snow up here in Fujiwara this season, and up in Tenjindaira Kieron and crew are reporting it is even dafter. You probably get an idea that there is a fair bit of snow from the pictures of the car park and house here:

Anyway this snow kept up for about 3 or 4 days, but fortunately we have managed to replace all the belts on our 30+ year old Yanase snowblower, and have been able to stay on top things quite well, with occasional mechanical dramas. I now feel I am an expert on the internal workings of these things.

When it finally let up a little we decided to have a "backyard adventure". In the blockbuster video you are about to watch, all the action (?) took place within 240 meters of the front door. Please take the time out to watch our utterly amazing film. It has EVERYTHING! High altitude feats of daring, snow ploughs, twats in hats, beer, purple bridges, wildlife, and much much more.

Spoiler alert for Clan Wilkinson: STANLEY LIVES!!!!

OK so that was a bit of a rollercoaster of excitement right? Glad you enjoyed it.

Lots of other very low key but immensely enjoyable stuff happened during our two hour adventure, so I am putting a photo gallery below. The main thing about all of this is that although we barely left the house, we had a thoroughly fantastic time. This entire region is such a good place. And we haven't even begun to scratch the surface. Oh, if you can make the pictures large by clicking the corner, as sometimes the page crops weirdly and you miss the intense artiness of the shot!

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