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Mozaik in Kichijoji

I was driving along today and a tune came on in the car by the band Mosaik, created by Andy Irvine & Dónal Lunny way back in 2002. They do a fantastic mix of multicultural folk stuff, and I was lucky enough to see them in a small club in Kichijoji a good few years ago, and hearing their music today reminded I ought to put those picture up here.

The band that night featured, I think, as well as Lunny and Irvine, Bruce Molsky on fiddle and various other contraptions, Nikola Parov on a bewildering array of instruments I had never seen before, and Rens van der Zalm, on various stringed things and yet another collection of mad yokes.

I was there writing a review for an online magazine I used to do work for, and also taking pictures from the back of the room to accompany the article.

I was hoping to find a link to the article I wrote, but it is nowhere to be found on the internet these days. Shame.

Anyhow, here are the pictures I took from way on back. I got chatting to a Japanese lady up there who performs in a very well known Japan band called Soul Flower Union, and it turns out she was Donal Lunny's wife! They lived in Okinawa.

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