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Low-key Snowboarding Fun

Being a knackered old bastard, I don't manage the high-octane thrills that the local nutcases do (you know who you are!), but I still have my share of sanity saving fun.

We have had an absolute ton of snow this year, but the bulldozers were out in force last week starting the big tidy up for spring. Then on Sunday it snowed its absolute arse off overnight, and there was a good two feet of fresh by the morning. So I had to take the opportunity to grab an hour of fun before breakfast.

Unfortunately I am a complete numpty when it comes to operating this cheap GoPro knock off I have, so all the footage from the first really powdery day was lost, but day 2 was still pretty great and I managed a run from top to bottom without falling over, a rare feat for me.

This picture was taken a couple of days before the Sunday dump. The paw print seemed much larger than for the cats we see about the place, and this was kind of confirmed a few nights later when a Tanuki came up super close to Chris while he was outside grabbing some refreshments.

OK, here is me video! I have put it up in high quality first, but depending on how it streams and how much storage I have left I may have to put up the low res version. I am hoping that my old music buddies from the 70s might recognize my Thin Lizzy allusion in the captions before the big reveal when I finally start moving faster. Coincidentally, about an hour after I finished making this "film" I saw a post on Facebook and some Trinity Guild chums are out in Austria boarding! Dave Hadlum once threw an accusation at me ("you must be really good by now as you get to go so often"). Dave, here is the proof that I am innocent of that charge. In my defense I have only been out for a total two hours in the previous 2 years!

I finally start moving quite fast at about 4:20, but if you fast forward to that you will miss the lovely views, my allusive comments, and the chance to win a holiday for 5 in Barbados, so don't do that! Oh, and no pisstakes from the Minakami Elite please!

It was bit long eh, but this is a social site for my mates and family, so bear with me.

And below are the Ski Tracks data. Slightly misleading because the final 4 minutes are me in the car going home, as I forgot to stop it. You can clearly see where I stopped for a hot sandwich and a coffee at the top. Max speed 52.8 km today, yea har!!!

And finally a few views of the lake at the moment to help you calm down after the adrenalin rush of watching me cheat death on a snowboard.

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