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Hike up Mt. Nekodake (根子岳)

In early May, 2009, I was up at Serenity on my own, and I was feeling a bit intrepid so I decided to attempt a small hike up to the top of the mountain above Sugadaira ski resort. It nearly killed me but I thoroughly enjoyed it. There was a rocky outcrop at the top, and hikers would occasionally appear from out of this rocky bit. Most confusing. I nearly killed myself getting over there, through a big snowdrift down on the left that two women assured me was safe, and I couldn't find any way through!

All the hikers that kept popping into existence up here seemed to be on average about 80 years old, and fit as fuck! To this day I have no idea where they were coming from, and the only conclusion I could draw is that pangalactic space hikers were popping into existence somewhere in here, probably via some sort of wormhole in space type malarkey. It is the granite looking rock area in the album below.

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