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Fujiwara and Serenity Drone Video

This video was made by a bloke up in the village, and upon seeing it, Matt, king of the keys, was inspired to lay down a haunting piano melody to accompany it. This in turn inspired me to get all sexy on my guitars, and our first ever "soundtrack" was the final result.

We contacted the guy to see did he want to use our audio file on his video (it is silent on his site) but we received no reply, which was a real shame.

So, in the spirit of being a robbing bastard I purloined his video this morning and put the audio to it myself. I will probably eventually get into trouble for this but I figure I don't know many people so it won't be viewed too widely and we won't tell anyone, right? Right?

The video he made is really good actually, flying along the lake behind our house, then up across the village and back out to the lake again. Our house appears at the bottom left of the screen at about 1:45. Dark green roof and half of the snow has slid off the roof (validating our new paint job!).

Anyway, take a look and a listen, and let me know what you think. And obviously contact Matt or myself if you want any original recordings for your videos!!!!

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