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Drill Motivated Stroll with Bonus Beers

I have been trying to put a new neck on a cheap precision bass copy that has a neck that is warped into the Andromeda galaxy 3 billion years into the future. It hasn't gone as smoothly as I'd hoped, the major hurdle being two of the screws snapping off in the body and neck. So, I had to take the bus to town, walk to the hardware shop for tools, and then have a bit of a hike down the river, with was all pretty tremendous actually.

Spotted a couple of the Canyons lads on the river. Here's a few snaps of the view along the way.

It was hotter than anticipated so rather than come off the river and head straight to the Octone craft beer emporium, I was forced to do a thirst quencher pit stop at Drips n drops for a Stella.

I desperately needed that as I had neglected to take any water with me. Fool!!!

This is the route and data for hiking nerds:

The plan for the afternoon was a couple of beers, and then the last bus home, at 5:47. But ...

I got a call from the Canyons lads who were having a few slurps up there so I decided to head on up and make an evening of it. There was also the unexpected side effect that the last bus that goes to Yubiso leaves 50 minute later! ie I could cram in another Long Shot IPA!

Which I did. With gusto.

Followed by slight disaster. Turns out that last bus to Yubiso doesn't run weekends, so I had to add on a bonus hike from Minakami station to Canyons.That should have taken about 40 minutes to an hour, but I was saved by my mate's wife coming and picking me up about two thirds of the way there! YEAH!!!

Here is the bonus stroll, nothing really to report there apart from it was pitch black and I had bear-o-fear (unwarranted as it turns out).

A good night up there, but a bit shaky in the morning when I had to get a bus home!

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