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Burton Dassett, January 2022

Cracking day for a recovery stroll after watching Coventry Rugby grab a dying seconds win against Hartpury 34-33, and hearing of Coventry City's 4-1 win at Peterborough, followed by pints in the Broomfield, an excellent curry in the Pickles Indian restaurant, pints in the Hearsall, and pints in the Town cryer.

The Stroll and Slurp initiative was in danger of slipping up for once as we went on a quest for Sunday lunch, but The Drawing Board in Leamington finally saved the day. Many pubs around Burton Dassett were either fully booked (expected) or completely closed (a bit of a surprise).

Anyway, here's a few snaps from a great couple not hours. Including one "through the keyhole" shot that I quite like.

The church looked pretty old, and they seemed to have found, or restored, parts of the walls that had ancient murals on.

For the more curious, there is some more information about this ancient location here:

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